The insta-KLEEN™ Fleet Vehicle Wash System is a severe-duty drive-thru system that meets the cleaning needs of automobile dealers and others that deploy fleets of vehicles. The field-proven insta-KLEEN utilizes decades of engineering know-how to create the simplest, most rugged wash possible, one that possesses the capability to consistently and reliably produce a clean vehicle every 60 seconds.

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See insta-KLEEN In Action

This video illustrates how insta-KLEEN’s unique design and method of operation relies on automotive-rated bearings and lube-free pivots to wash the vehicle, unlike rollover systems that must make multiple passes over and around the vehicle, which takes time and places undue strain on the wash components.

Features & Benefits

  • Construction based on OPW Vehicle Wash Solutions’ “Legend By Belanger™” product line
    • Aircraft-grade aluminum framework
    • Automotive-rated bearings
    • Lube-free pivot points
  • Bolt-on wear parts for easy installation, accessibility and maintenance
  • Fits in bays as short as 25 feet
  • Electrical use as low as 4 hp
  • Uses as little as 6 gallons of freshwater per wash
  • Can be customized to the needs of the operator via a wide array of available wash accessories
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